Product Description

Alga Plus 50 is a highly-concentrated alkaline extract from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, highest on the world market (500g/l concentration) It is a plant biostimulant which significantly provides a means of increasing crop growth and health, yield and quality in both stressed and non-stressed conditions. Thus, Alga Plus enhances crop performance, marketable grade, root growth and soil bacteria counts. It has a dual affect within the root zone, giving rise tosignificant increases in root growth while also influencing the dynamics or root colonizing bacteria. Alga Plus represents a unique and economical source of natural antioxidants. It can be applied through foliar spray or irrigation application, every 3 weeks of growing season and can be mixed with other active ingredients.




In a cool and dry place, with protection from direct sunlight, at least 2 years from date of production.



Available packages

 BOX 12x1lt



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