Product Description

OSPO-BOT contains algae extract of Manganese (Mn) 2%, potassium (K2O) 5% . It is a biological plant stimulant and its use is aimed at enhancing their growth. The natural ingredients it contains affect naturally the physiological functions of plants, resulting in improved quality and quantity of agricultural production. Thanks to its special composition, it promotes the production of phytoalexin and phenols, activating the plant defense system, facilitating the absorption of macroelements, as well as increasing the photosynthesis levels.
It can be used in all crops such as horticulture, trees and flowers, while the number of applications depends on the plant’s nutrition needs. It is recommended to apply every 10-15 days, with good contact in the surface of the plant






Do not storage in places with high temprature.



Available package

 BOX  12x1lt



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