Product Description

Trichogramma are minute (< 1 mm) parasitic egg-eating wasps. The female lays its eggs in the eggs of the pests, destroying them and preventing the emergence of caterpillars.

Among the various species of Trichogramma, Trichogramma achææ attacks the eggs of Tuta absoluta. It is therefore used for protecting plants of the Solanaceae family: the tomato, of course, but also bell peppers, aubergines, potatoes, nightshade, Datura and tobacco plants.

It also parasites the eggs of other species of moth (Heliothis armigera, Chrysodeixis chalcites…).



Tricholine PANT C 632 431 NEW


 Code  Packaging  Individuals per package
Trichotop TA25 1 πλάκα των 25 διαχυτήρων 62.500
Trichotop TA100 4 πλάκες των 25 διαχυτήρων 250.000



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