Anthesis was founded in 2000 from Komianos Georgios, Agronomist M.Sc. on Crop Protection, with main purpose to provide consulting services to Dutch companies which are involved in Propagation material, Hydroponic systems and Computer Greenhouse Control systems.

In 2004, Anthesis starts distributing floriculture propagation material and consulting growers in Greece. Anthesis is becoming a leader in this market and modernize specific commercial and consulting activities. Our strong relation with worldwide companies on floriculture propagation material is the turn key of our potential development in floriculture field.

In 2007, Anthesis is becoming Ltd. company and enters with great determination on the Integrated Crop Management with the use of beneficial insects.The catstone of our great effort in this very promising field was the exclusive distribution agreement for Greece and surrounding countries with one of the major world suppliers, Bioline Agrosciences and CBC-ShinEtsu on semiochemicals..

Since then, our efforts have been focused on the (has focus in) development and promotion of innovative plant protection products with zero residues and also smart solutions in various crops, gradually making Anthesis the largest company of biological solutions in Greece.

2021 is a milestone year as the Swiss Group Andermatt Biocontrol, a world leader in the production and marketing of organic plant protection products, has become the (a) Major Shareholder of Anthesis. Together we will lead the developments in the field of plant protection.