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Mating Disruption Pheromones
Mating disruption is a globally recognized method, for the control of various pests, mainly Lepidoptera, in a wide range of crops. The total surface under mating disruption method approaches of 12.000.000 ha.
Mating Disruption is the method according to which, the artificial sexual female pheromone is dispersed all over the field to hinder males orientating towards females in order to reproduce. The result is the gradual reduction of the reproductive capacity of the population as well the consequently reduction of the population and therefore the reduction of crop losses.
The most common uses of the method in Greece is :
– Control of Cydia molesta and Anarsia lineatella in Stone Fruits
– Control of Cydia pomonella in Pome Fruits
– Control of Lobesia botrana and Planococcus ficus in Grapes
– Control of Tuta absoluta in greenhouse Tomato