Pyganic 1.4 is a high quality Natural Pyrethrum composition with proven effectiveness in all cases and in various environmental conditions. Its’ action is characterized by Knock down resulting in direct control of target enemies. It acts on the nervous system of insects causing first paralysis and then their death.

It is produced by the largest Natural Pyrethrum production company in the world, MGK, of the Sumitomo Chemical Group. Pyganic 1.4 is the only formulation based on Natural Pyrethrum that is included as an organic product in the American list of OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).


Advantages of PYGANIC 1,4 EC

  • Quick Knock down
  • Repellent action
  • Controls a wide spectrum of pests
  • Low residues
  • Low PHI




Store locked, in its original closed package in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. In these conditions it can be kept up tp two (2) years from the production date.


Available Packages

 BOX 20X500cc
 BOX 20X150cc