Foliare QS is a micro-granule dust free and total soluble fertilizer containing 21% Boron Octobrate of Sodium. The product presents a perfect and fast solubility in the water, comporting itself like a dry flow when entering in contact with water, and leaving no residues or inerts in the tank. This permits to the product to be handled as easily as a liquid Boron product.
Boron is one of the most essential trace elements for the plant, important for its many metabolic processes.
Boron sufficiency is necessary during the reproductive phase of plants (blooming, fertilization, fruit setting, seed and fruit growth, boron affects the fertility of the flowers because it increases the number and vitality of the pollen.)

After fertilization, boron affects embryogenesis and therefore lack of boron contributes to poor growth or even degeneration of the embryos, resulting in the formation of malformed fruits. Thus, boron deficiency during critical reproductive stages causes a significant reduction in production. One of the major roles of boron is structural, as a component of emerging plant tissues, and its lack leads to the formation of structurally altered cell walls.
Boron plays an important role in the transport of sugars from one plant site to another due to its ability to form stable complexes with them, while at the same time increasing the resistance of crop plants to low temperatures due to its positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism and of proteins.




It can be stored in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sunlight, for at least 3 years from the production date.




 BOX  10x1lt
 PCS 1x15kg