The versatile insecticide RAPAX ??, targets lepidopteran larvae as its active substance is the selected strain EG 2348 of ???????? ????????????? ?????. ????????. RAPAX ?? has the highest efficiency per active unit (CFU) as its innovation lies in the fact that strain EG 2348 is a result of trans-coupling, a process of combining strains similar to plant hybridization. In this process, different strains of this bacterium are combined to create a new one, but having selected and maintained the desired characteristics of each. ????? ?? is a liquid formulation in the form of a suspension concentrate and has a very good compatibility profile compared to other products containing ???????? ?????????????.

In addition, it allows 0 days for harvest and its use is allowed in organic farming.




Store locked, in its original closed package, in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. In these conditions it remains stable for three (3) years.


Available Packages
BOX 20X500ml