The implementation of Integrate Pest Management Programs by using beneficial insects to control Whitefly and Thrips in greenhouses cucumber and tomato crops, during the growing period 2013-2014, completed successfuly.

In particular, for the control of Thrips and Whiteflies on cucumber crop, the beneficial Montyline (Amblyseius Typhlodromips montdorensis) was introduced in Crete, Filiatra Messinia, Preveza and North Greece, the success rates of establishment and control of pests were over of 90% in total. The total estimated area of cucumber crop under ICM with Montyline for the year 2014, is about 30 hectares, reaching an annual growth rate of 150% compared to the previous season and clearly showing of the positive trend of ICM among growers.

At the same time, during 2014 there has been succesful  the predators Macroline (Macrolophus pygmaeus) and Nesiline (Nesidiocoris tenuis) in greenhouses tomato crop, in North and South Greece respectively, achieving high percentage of control of Whitefly and Tuta absoluta.

Especially this year for the first time, the technicians of Anthesis Ltd. in Crete, carried out an extensive scale-experimental course for the use of predator Nesiline in tomato cultivations. The promising results as well the positive comments from the growers side, shows that tomato is the next crop in which the beneficial insects will be introduced after the successful precedent of pepper crop, following closely the example of Spain where the percentage of greenhouses tomato crops under ICM with beneficial insects reaches almost 90% of the total.

Anthesis Ltd company, firmly committed to the planning and development of innovative crop protection methods based on Integrated Crop Management-techniques demonstrates in practice that the use of beneficial insects  can be a reliable, economical and sustainable solution for the control of insect pests. Moreover the use of beneficial in combination with compatible chemicals and all other methods, can fully ensure the production of higher quality and quantity free of chemical residues.