Thripline ams is a proprietary product containing the aggregation pheromone of Frankliniella occidentalis.

n sunny conditions, male thrips will settle on prominent objects within a crop, such as flowers, and begin to display aggressively towards each other. Whilst doing this, they produce a pheromone which attracts other males to the area so that the aggregation grows. Female thrips then enter these aggregations, mate, and leave.

The presence of pheromone improves the sensitivity of blue and yellow sticky traps as monitoring tools for thrips. It has been reported to catch thrips at very low densities, when none had been detected by traps alone or by searching the crop. It thus helps growers detect populations of thrips in their crops earlier than is otherwise possible, and enables them to apply control methods, such as Amblyline cu CRS. By doing this, it helps to ensure that thrips populations do not grow to damaging levels. The pheromone is impregnated into rubber septa, and is released gradually over several weeks. Thrips continue to be attracted throughout this period.



Thripline ams is available in two packing:

10 rubber septa sealed into foil sachets + 1 pack of 10 blue Takitraps

10 rubber septa sealed into foil sachets