Product Description

The ISONET LR took grant of final authorization as plant protection product (insecticide-pherome) (No 9081/05.12.2017), which is used for the control of Adoxophyes orana for apple crops and stone fruits.






1.   No chemical residues in the products

2.   The Isonet LR application, helps to minimize the use of chemical products and resifues, and at the same time increase the commercial value of apple crops and stone fruits.

3.   Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI)=0

4.   The product is friendly to the grower, to the consumer and to the environment (Low risk)

5.   THe use of pheromone products is compatible with the beneficial flora and does not pose the pest in resistance

6.   Is an ideal product for programs of Integrated Crop Management

7.   Is economical due to the fact that is applied once in growing period before the first flight of adults, and it lasts 150 days at least.