Product Description


The product ISONET T took grant of final authorization as Plant Protection Product (insecticide-pherome) (No 9066/13-04-2017), which is used for the control of the insect Tuta absoluta.

The mode of action of the product is based on the MATING DISRUPTION METHOD, according to which high concentration of synthetic pheromones is being created at the environment and as a result the males are disrupted to find the females. Due to this fact, mating between female and male Lepidoptera insects is not achieved, and the main result is the gradual reduction of the insect reproductive and the reduction of the damages to the crop fruit.








  • Is compatible with beneficial insect
  • Use in organic crop
  • No residues (MRL’s)
  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) =0
  • Combine with biological and Conventional control methods
  • Not resistance issues







Isonet T Leaflet