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Marketing Authorization of ISOMATE A/OFM

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Anthesis Ltd company, which invest in innovated and environmentally friendly plant protection products, in cooperation with Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. LTD. located in Japan Tokyo, took grant of authorization for ISOMATE A/OFM product, which is used for the control of Oriental fruit moth (Cydia molesta) and Peach twig borer (Anarsia Lineatella) in peach and plum trees. This [...]

Presentation ”Integrate Pest Management in Strawberry crop with the use of beneficial insects/control of thrips & spidermites/implementation and experience from Greece and Mediterranean countries”

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In September of 2014 in Varda Ilias, took place a presentation with main topic ''’Integrate Pest Management (IPM) in strawberry crop with the use of beneficial insects / control of thrips and spidermites / implementation and experience from Greece and Mediterranean countries‘’. Mr Fanis Papanikolopoulos organized the presentation by his own choice due to the successful [...]

Successful Control of Thrips & Whitefly by using beneficial insect in Cucumber-Tomato crops

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The implementation of Integrate Pest Management Programs by using beneficial insects to control Whitefly and Thrips in greenhouses cucumber and tomato crops, during the growing period 2013-2014, completed successfuly. In particular, for the control of Thrips and Whiteflies on cucumber crop, the beneficial Montyline (Amblyseius Typhlodromips montdorensis) was introduced in Crete, Filiatra Messinia, Preveza and North [...]