The total area of greenhouses in Greece estimated to 6050 ha, of which about 2700 hectares are located in Crete. The main crops in the greenhouses are tomatos, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, etc.


More than a decade ago, Anthesis started to exclusively introduce to the Greek market Bioline Agrosciences’ beneficial macro-organisms for the management of the most obnoxious pests mainly on Greenhouse crops. Presently, Anthesis is one the top players in Balkans, not only in macro-organisms distribution and consulting but also for innovative, zero-residue crop protection products, cutting edge technology nutrition products and biostimulants, equally:

  • Isonet-T – Mating disruption system for Tuta absoluta
  • Julietta – Microbial fungicide against Botrytis on Solanaceous crops
  • Pyganic 1.4 – Insecticide containing Pyrethrins against aphids and whitefly
  • Rapax AS – Insecticide containing Bt var kurstaki against lepidopteran pests
  • Tricholine TA– Egg parasitoid Trichogramma achaeae for Tuta absoluta
  • Montyline –Predatory mite Amblyseius montdorensis against thips and whiteflies
  • Oriline – Orius laevigatus for the control of thrips in pepper crops.


The highly experienced field representatives and technicians make Anthesis a competent Zero Residue consultant, providing strategies for the management of the most common Greenhouse pests and diseases.